Welcome to the Certainty Fanlisting Collective hosted at Lambdadelta.co.uk. If you don't know what that means, check out the about page for more information. If you do, then check out my owned fanlistings and feel free to join! Also, if you manage your own collective then get in touch and let's be affiliates!

13th June 2015

I've started registering this collective and some of my listings at Fans Fans Fans. Go and check it out! :D Also, the number of affiliates has surged over the last year and I'd love to give a big shout out to all of them!

Fanlisting Statistics

The Certainty collective currently hosts 50 fanlistings with 0 upcoming listings. There are also 1 pending approval at The Fanlistings or The Anime Fanlistings.

I have joined 1005 listings in 127 categories, with the newest joined fanlisting being the listing for Breaking Bad.

There are currently 716 total fans in the collective, with 5 fans pending approval.


Making friends is wonderful, but not as much as having lovely little badges displaying your affiliation! Certainty currently has 16 affiliates.

 April  Bonster  Crystal  Deborah  Emelie  Emily  Erika  Iris  Katja  Kriss  Laura  Mikari  Reshi  Rydia  Sandra  Vivian 

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